Reps Design- A small company with big experience.

Margot and Mike Reps are co-owners of Reps Design Studios, located just outside the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. Reps Design’s early projects involved drawing artwork for a local children’s products and gift ware company beginning in 1982. They helped popularize the sticker craze of the early 1980’s (remember ‘scratch and smell’ stickers?)

Reps Design was involved with early development of hundreds of original kids meal programs for a variety of fast food restaurants throughout the 80’s and 90’s, creating formats, program themes, and toy designs.

If you’re on the West Coast and under 40, you may remember ‘The Jack Pack’, characters for Jack in the Box they helped create and develop. In the Midwest, Reps Design created kids meal programs for Dairy Queen for over a decade. If you’re on the East Coast you probably know the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog characters. Reps Design Studios expanded Nathan’s existing characters to create many promotional items, including a tribute series to NYC first responders in 2001 and a set of children’s books. These are just a few examples of the restaurant premiums distributed to millions of children over the years.

Reps Design Studios has worked extensively with licensed characters- Disney, Peanuts, Garfield, Jackie Chan, Popeye, Schoolhouse Rock, Magic School Bus, and dozens of other titles. They’ve also worked with restaurant characters used in kids meal promotions, by Jack in the Box, Dairy Queen, Fazoli’s, White Castle, Nathan’s Famous, and dozens of other quick serve restaurants.

Reps Design also contributed major development and design skills to many education-based school nutrition programs throughout the 90’s, when numerous studies showed correlation between missed meals and under performance in the classroom. Reps Design created programs to encourage children to eat breakfasts and lunches in schools across America.

The beginning of the 21st century saw dramatic changes in our country, including the rapid rise of obesity rates among children and adults alike. Reps Design made the decision to change direction from their core business of restaurant food promotion, and utilize their marketing skills to help in the fight against obesity and related consequences, including diabetes and heart disease.

Drawing on the tried-and-true model of using incentives to increase participation, offers low cost health and wellness products for large group programs. They partner with school districts, State Health Departments, Universities, and other non-profit and for profit organizations and businesses, to help each reach their goals of improving the health of their participants. Reps Design provides a wealth of marketing experience to help organizations produce real results on limited budgets.

Margot sums it up. “Our mission is to use our marketing experience to encourage each person to lead healthier, more active lives. Everyone benefits from that.” is a subsidiary of Reps Design
Business location: Cedar, MN
Phone: 1-866-533-8735

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