Freetek Multifunction Pedometer (Item FT-30 Bulk)

The Freetek Multifunction has customizable settings for more accurate results.

The FREETEK MULTIFUNCTION pedometer counts steps, distance, calories, and has a walking / jogging auto adjust feature- automatically sensing and adjusting between walking and jogging, adding one third to the number of calories burned and distance walked. Plus, users can program in stride and weight measurements for customized, more accurate results. Also includes a clock. Solid one piece belt clip. Auto power save conserves battery power. Your 1 or 2 color logo is included on orders of 500 or more.

• Counts steps to 99,999

• Measures distance to 99.999 miles

• Measures calories burned to 9,999

• Adjustable stride and weight

• Walking/jogging auto adjust

• Time clock

• Includes AG-10 1.5v battery

• Individually boxed with instructions

3-stepswalked 4-distancetravelled 5-caloiresburned 8-timeclock 25-waistclip 10-programcustomstride 9-programcustomweight

-- You won't find a more fully featured pedometer for the money. There are higher precision pedometers out there, but with that comes a higher price.

-- If you need all the features, steps, distance, calories, jogging auto adjust, this is a good model without blowing a huge budget.

-- There isn't a lot of room to put a logo on this model. A single line of type, or a web site address works well, but big logos don't fit.