JS-Tek 3D ANYWEAR Multifunction Pedometer (Item JS-450 Bulk)

3D ANYWEAR acceleration sensor with 6 tracking modes, 7 day memory and safety strap.

The JS-Tek 3D ANYWEAR MULTIFUNCTION PEDOMETER is ready to keep track of all major measurement functions and keeps the information in memory for 7 days, making it easy for walkers to check progress. Just pop it in your pocket and go! There is no pendulum to get hung up or wire to bend or break. Reliable 3D acceleration sensor works on waist, in pocket or purse.

The ANYWEAR MULTIFUNCTION counts steps, distance walked, calories burned, total time walked, walking speed, and it has a built-in clock. Information can be reviewed at a glance on the easy to read multiline display. If no movement is detected after a minute, the power saver mode puts the display to sleep, saving battery power. The battery is designed to last a year or more. Price includes your 1 or 2 color imprint for no charge on 500 or more pedometers. FedEx Ground shipping is free.

• 3D sensor chip

• 7 day memory

• Counts steps walked, distance travelled, calories burned, total minutes of activity

• Average walking speed

• Time clock

• Customizable weight and stride

• Power saver display

• Wrist strap safety leash

• Long life CR2032 battery

• Individually boxed with instructions

3-stepswalked 2-memoryrecall 3-stepswalked 4-distancetravelled 5-caloiresburned 6-minutesofactivity 7-walkingspeed 10-programcustomstride 9-programcustomweight 8-timeclock 14-powersaverdisplay 16-safetyleashorlanyard

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