Pedometer Safety Lanyard (Item PL-20 Bulk)

20″ lanyard keeps pedometers around the neck for easy access and maximum accuracy.

3D G Sensor pedometers work well in a pocket or purse, but for maximum accuracy manufacturers recommend wearing near the core of the body. Our white 100% polyester LANYARD is 20″ long overall. Quick release detachable clip allows easy removal of pedometer from the lanyard if walker prefers to wear it in the pocket. Pedometer not included.

NOTE: We do not recommend use of this lanyard for young children or conditions where loose objects could become entangled in machinery or other moving objects. Imprinting is not available on this item. Shipping is free.

– 20” polyester lanyard fits comfortably around the neck

– O-ring attaches to pedometer

– Quick release detachable clip

-- We purchased this model for appx. 1000 hospital employees to go with the Walktek 3D accelerometer. 

-- We use the Walktek 3D in our fitness facility. Having the pedometers hanging around the neck makes it easy to check progress with each user. It's more efficient than asking each walker to pull it out of their pocket or remove it from the hip like the old clip models we used previously. We can always see the pedometer around everyone's neck.