Pedometer Safety Leash (Item PL-10 Bulk)

Keep pedometers from becoming lost or broken.

Safety leashes are cheap insurance- they help keep walkers from dropping or losing their pedometers, which can slow down your walking program. Our safety leash is easy to use for all age groups. Just slip o-ring over the pedometer clip or through the hole on the case, depending on pedometer model. A quick-release detachable clip lets users quickly remove the pedometer. Pedometer not included. Imprinting is not available on this item. Ground shipping is free.

• 3.5” polyester strap, 8” length overall

– O-ring attaches to pedometer

– Spring clip attaches to clothing

– Quick release detachable clip

-- This is a good leash for the price. Some of the ones out there cost 3 or 4 dollars each. These are a bargain.

-- We tried using shoelaces to save money, but the clip and quick release is easier for the kids when attaching and removing.

-- The pedometer leashes arrived today.  It is nice to have a leash that will not put holes in my clothes.  Thank you for sending them to me.