Starter Kit – Steptrek V (Item FK-103)

Get Fit Starter Kit

Get your entire group walking for under a hundred dollars- less than $4.00 per person. The STEPTREK V pedometer has a unique upward facing design, which makes it easy to read at a glance. No twisting the pedometer to read the display, for a longer clip life. Sturdy one piece molded clip. Low battery power consumption. Safety leash helps keep pedometer from falling off and breaking or becoming lost. Spring clip attaches to clothing. 8” overall leash length. Includes batteries.


• 25 STEPTEK V pedometer
Read more about this model here

• 25 safety leashes
Read more about safety leashes here

• 5 bonus batteries

• Tip sheet to get the most out of your walking program

• Free shipping

3-stepswalked 25-waistclip 16-safetyleashorlanyard

-- A great low cost pedometer. You can read it just by looking down at it- you don't have to twist the pedometer to read the display, making it less likely to break the clip. A good model for promotional use. We ordered it and handed it out at our health fair.

-- I like this model; it's probably not best for kids programs where they'll be doing a lot of siting and standing or other activity that could bump the reset button. But once people are aware of this I found it's not a problem.

-- It's hard to beat the low price for an upward facing display. It's not as high tech as the newer models but it works fine for us.

-- This pedometer is good for handouts. We had some that didn't count right, but the extras included with the instant replacement coverage more than covered the few that were bad.