Freetek Dual Pedometer (Item FT-20)

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Multiple features in a low cost pedometer simple enough tor anyone to use.

The FREETEK DUAL FT-20 Dual Button multifunction pedometer automatically senses and adjusts between walking and jogging and adds one third to the number of calories burned and distance walked. Counts steps, calories burned, and distance. Also has a built-in clock. Solid one piece belt clip style. Good economical choice for a promotional pedometer to encourage groups to walk. Not recommended for walking programs where people will be frequently sitting and standing.  Pedometer color may vary.

• Counts steps to 99,999, measures distance to 99.999 miles, calories burned to 9,999.

• Walking jogging autoadjust

• Time clock

• Low battery consumption

• Includes AG-10 1.5 volt battery

• Individually boxed with instructions



3-stepswalked 4-distancetravelled 5-caloiresburned 8-timeclock 25-waistclip

-- The price makes it a really good value in an "all purpose" pedometer. Plus there's room for our web site address around the buttons. (Customer ordered more than 500 pc. for the free imprint.)

-- The only programming is the clock, no need to program in stride and weight because there's an automatic default.
-- It's not quite as precise as the expensive models, but still does a good job at estimating calories burned and distance traveled. This is probably not the best model for "all day" walking programs because frequent standing and sitting, and bending over while sitting can accidentally depress the reset button on the face of the pedometer. Clamshell styles are recommended if walkers will wear pedometers all day, but if your budget is limited, and you are aware of the button, it's not a big issue.
-- We are very happy Steppers!! Thank you.