Freetek Basic Pedometer (Item FT-10)


2-4 day delivery to most USA locations.

The FREETEK BASIC FT-10 single function model is our basic one button step counter designed for ease of use.

• Counts steps to 99,999

• Low battery consumption

• Includes AG-10 1.5 volt battery

• Individually boxed with instructions

In stock

3-stepswalked 25-waistclip

-- A good basic pedometer. Just hand it out, clip it on, and go. Very simple to use.

-- I bought the 'knockoff' version of this pedometer from another vendor. It was advertised for 99 cents, and I got what I paid for-- JUNK. About a quarter of them didn't work and my group was really disappointed. Steptrek was a great help-- instead of trying to sell me more pedometers, their customer service suggested I contact the vendor that sold them to me-- and demand working replacements or a refund. I did that. Thank you. Next time, I'm going to go with Steptrek.

-- Clamshell styles are recommended if walkers will wear pedometers all day, but if your budget is limited, and for us the button was not an issue. Maybe it is more of a problem with younger kids, but our walking group loves them.

-- The least expensive pedometer on the market. Good for those on a tight budget or for promotional handouts.

-- This model has an exposed button on the face, which can be accidentally pressed, and your salesperson made me aware of this. I told everyone about the button, and we haven't had a problem at all.
-- Thanks. There are 5000 pedometers going out within the next couple of weeks as part of a social marketing campaign for obesity and chronic disease that is going to be seen state wide. Nice doing business with you.