25 pc. Intermediate Kit – Accutek Basic (Item FK-301)

Get Fit Intermediate Kit

Get everyone in your group walking with a precision pedometer for under $6.00 per person. The ACCUTEK BASIC pedometer is our recommended pedometer for all-day 10,00 step programs. Large, easy to read digital display. Clamshell cover protects against accidental display reset.  Power saver feature shuts off display after 3 minutes if no movement is detected.  Sturdy one piece molded clip. Safety leash helps keep pedometer from falling off and breaking or becoming lost. Spring clip attaches to clothing. 8” overall leash length. Includes batteries.


• 25 ACCUTEK basic pedometers
Read more about this model here

• 25 safety leashes
Read more about safety leashes here

• 5 bonus batteries

• Tip sheet to get the most out of your walking program

• Free shipping

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-- The Accutek Basic is a good clamshell model pedometer at a great price. The cover protects from my students pressing the reset button.

-- The display is much larger than most pedometers which makes it easy to read for our mall walking group.

-- We've found this model has been very accurate at counting steps and is easy for kids to use.