25 pc. Advanced Kit – Mytek (Item FK-401)


The MYTEK MULTIFUNCTION is a feature packed pedometer. Counts steps, distance, and calories burned, and  includes an adjustable countdown timer. Set the timer for the length of time you want to walk, and the MYTEK alerts you when you reach your goal! Safety leash helps keep pedometer from falling off and breaking or becoming lost.


• 25 MYTEK multifunction pedometers

• 25 safety leashes

• 5 bonus batteries

• Tip sheet to get the most out of your walking program

No. of Kits


-- Steptrek recommended the Mytek for our all-day 10k step program and it works great! We love it.
-- The MYTEK has a lot of features for the price. It does everything most walkers will need for serious measurement taking.
-- The clamshell cover protects the display and prevents buttons from being accidentally pushed. Programming takes a few minutes for some of our group, but then everything is set. It's very accurate.
-- Easy to open but a good solid case design. Most anyone can use it with no problem.
The program is going well, we had a great program again this year, and are hoping to keep the participants engaged year-long with wearing their pedometers.