25 pc. Professional Kit – Walktek 3D (Item FK-501)


The WALKTEK MULTIFUNCTION 3D ACTIVITY TRACKER counts steps, distance, calories, total steps, and much more! 15 functions, including 7 day memory storage, estimates calories burned, a time clock, a handy BACKLIGHT display that glows high contrast orange with the press of a button. Lockout display prevents accidental display reset. Includes longer life 3v lithium battery. Includes a mini screwdriver. White 100% polyester lanyard is 20” long overall.

• 25 WALKTEK Multifunction 3D Activity Trackers

• 25 lanyards

• 5 bonus lithium batteries

• Tip sheet to get the most out of your walking program

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-- The Walktek works well for our rehab program. Our last pedometers had to be worn on the waist which required us to purchase special belts for patients. The Walktek can be worn around the neck. This makes it simple to put on and easily check results at any time.

-- My group loves the Walktek. It's in our budget and works anywhere. The long lanyard is great, and most people like to wear them that way, so they're easy to put on, take off, and hang up at the end of the day. If you haven't tried a 3D pedometer yet, you should!

-- You can't match an accelerometer for walking programs. While pedometers work fine, the advanced chip in the WALKTEK makes it more versatile, for more types of walkers. The 7 day memory is another nice feature so if you forget to check the numbers from the day before, it's still in memory.

-- This model has all the statistics needed for walking, including total minutes of activity. It's what our program needs.