25 pc. Intermediate Kit – GoTek 2D wrist pedometer (Item FK-403)

25 pc. Intermediate Kit

The GoTek 2D Intermediate Kit features our ecoomical pendulum-based wrist pedometer. Although it doesn’t have a 3D sensor, it measures arm swings to determine steps taken. The GoTek 2D Multi has a digital clock display. It counts steps, distance and calories. Personal stride and weight are programmable for more precise measurements. Adjustable silicone wrist band with retro buckle style clasp. Pedometer can be removed from the band.
BONUS: Each GoTek comes in a reuseable plastic storage container with a hinged lid.

• 25 GOTEK 2D wrist pedometers
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• 25 bonus batteries

• Tip sheet to get the most out of your walking program

• Free shipping