PAW Pedometer (Item SP-30)


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The PAW MULTIFUNCTION utilizes a magnetoelectric sensor for highly accurately measure steps, distance, plus calories burned and a built-in clock. The reset button on the PAW has a 3 second delay to protect against accidental resets.

• Counts steps up to 99,999, measures distance to 999.9 miles, calories burned to 9,999

• Programmable personal stride and weight

• Time clock

• Includes AG-13 1.5 volt battery

• Individually boxed with instructions

In stock

3-stepswalked 4-distancetravelled 5-caloiresburned 10-programcustomstride 9-programcustomweight 8-timeclock 25-waistclip

-- This is a reliable pedometer. (Our college class) used it for a walking study and are satisfied with the accuracy and dependability. The PAW's quality is comparable to some models that cost much more.

-- I bought the PAW for the delayed reset button because our group tends to accidentally reset the counter on the last pedometer we bought and it's really frustrating. On the PAW you hold down the UP button for several seconds before the display will reset. We are also very happy with the measurement accuracy on this model.

-- The PAW is a sturdy pedometer and looks good, too. Clean, elegant design looks great on the hip.

-- The PAW has a nice slim design and is right on for step counts. A good choice for programs that require precise measurements.

-- So they were delivered on time and we are loving the Peds!! Even w/ all the runaround on my part, we still have ample time to incorporate them into our unit; thanks to your prompt service. I appreciate it and look forward to doing business w/ Steptrek in the future, as well as recommending you all to my colleagues. Thanks again, a very pleasureable experience.