Slimtek Multifunction Pedometer (Item SL-40)


2-4 day delivery to most USA locations.

This highly accurate multifunction pedometer estimates the number of grams of fat burned each day. Check your previous week’s progress with the press of a button. Oversized paddle style spring clip fits over thicker clothing, up to 1/4” thick.

• 7 day memory recall of steps, distance walked, estimates calories burned

• Estimates fat grams burned to 999.9 grams

• Programmable personal stride and weight

• Multidisplay window

• Time clock (24 hour military-style)

• Unique tilt-up clip for easy progress checking and fits clothing up to 1/4” thick

• Includes short wrist leash

• Long life 2025 3v lithium battery

• Individually boxed with instructions

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3-stepswalked 4-distancetravelled 5-caloiresburned 8-timeclock 9-programcustomweight 10-programcustomstride 2-memoryrecall 25-waistclip 16-safetyleashorlanyard

-- The SLIMTEK is a great pedometer for our purposes. We distributed them to over 1000 walkers at a half dozen locations for our ongoing program. We ordered them the last two years. Our program has been very successful and so we plan to expand our program and increase our order next year. The SLIMTEK has a quality look and style and has an easy to read multi-line oversized display.

-- The clip design is different than other ones we've tried. The double layer spring clip lets you tilt the pedometer to read it right from the hip, which means less stress on the clip for a longer pedometer life.

-- The 7 day result tracking is essential for us- it automatically starts new counts each day, but keeps your information in memory for later reference or retrieval. It would be nice if the info could be uploaded, but for the price it's a great value.