It really DOES matter which vendor you choose when purchasing pedometers.

There are a lot of web sites offering pedometers for sale at some unbelievable deals. Like anything else on the internet, you have to do your research. Not all pedometers are created equal and neither are the people who sell them. So what questions do you ask when your budget is limited and you need to find a pedometer that works correctly? Here’s the straight talk about pedometers:

We can't overstate it often enough. BEWARE of pedometer sellers who advertise really cheap product. Pedometers are electronic devices, containing a memory chip, circuit board, a battery and other parts. Add in the cost of labor, shipping costs, a little profit, and common sense says when something is sold so cheaply, corners had to be cut somewhere. The phrase "you get what you pay for" is certainly true here. Pedometers may look alike on the outside, but it's what's inside that counts.

STEPTREK offers low everyday pricing on only quality pedometers. We wouldn’t sell it if we wouldn’t use it ourselves.

STEPTREK triple checks every pedometer for quality, accuracy and battery life.

All STEPTREK orders include Steptrek Instant Replacement Coverage so you’re covered with extra pedometers just in case.


Truth is, Amazon lets anyone in the world sell almost anything. It can be nearly impossible to tell if a seller is reputable, whether a product is reliable, or where it comes from. Some sell “factory seconds”. Others are selling returned or rejected pedometers. Or they may use cheaper batteries to save money. Buying the cheapest pedometers is no bargain if your pedometers don’t work as expected.

STEPTREK purchases quality factory direct pedometers at the best prices possible. Although cut rate knockoffs and 2nd quality pedometers are readily available, STEPTREK will not sell them to you.

STEPTREK purchases from ISO9000 certified and ROHS compliant manufacturers for better quality products, which means fewer complaints from walkers and more satisfied program coordinators.

Recently, sellers based in foreign countries are flooding the market with inexpensive, poor quality pedometers and fitness trackers. A company may look like it’s located in the USA but has no obligation to tell you if it’s not. Your money could be going to someone in another country. It might be difficult, if not impossible to speak to customer service if you have a question or problems. A reputable company should tell you where they’re located. All USA- based companies are listed with the BBB.

STEPREK is centrally located in the USA in Minnesota. Call us toll free anytime at 1-763-753-8570.

STEPTREK has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Pedometers from overseas are typically shipped the cheapest, slowest way possible. Sometimes it can take weeks to receive an order. Often they’re packed just as cheaply and are easily damaged or broken during shipment. Note: Pedometers purchased directly from China are NOT returnable. It is against Chinese law to ship defective merchandise to China! So if you end up with bad pedometers, they can’t be returned. They will be confiscated and you’ll not only lose your money, you’ll lose the pedometers too. And your program will look bad.

STEPTREK delivers to most USA locations in 2-4 days. We triple test every pedometer and carefully pack your order so it reaches you in ready to walk condition. If you aren’t happy with your order we’ll work with you to make it right. After all, the goal is to get more people walking. That’s our commitement to you.